How to Take Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

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One of the most significant innovations when it comes to cleaning is the vacuum cleaner. We also need to take care of it to maximize its cleaning potential. The vacuum cleaner can do much more than removing the dust and dirt from your floors and carpets.

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Clean the Brush

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While it will differ from one model to another, the roller of most vacuum cleaners is attached by a plate. So, you will need to lift or remove the plate first, and then push the roll out from the slots on either side. Once you have distinguished the dirt wrapped around the roll, you can take them off with your fingers or with scissors. Then lightly remove these particles from the roll until they are completely off. You may want to consider washing it off with soap and water to ensure that it’s as neat as possible.

Replace the Bag Regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep your vacuum cleaner on tiptop shape is to replace the bag frequently. Many people think that bags only need to be changed when they are full. To make sure your device is working at its best, you need to replace the bag when it is almost full, not when it is full of dirt and debris. Debris needs space to enter the bag, and if there is already a significant amount of debris inside it, there won’t be enough place for what the vacuum cleaner picks up, and it will not function as efficiently as it should.

Filters & Hoses

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The point of keeping your filter clean cannot be stressed enough. This is especially valid if you own a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, as that filter is designed to improve your indoor air quality. Keeping that filter tidy can play a role in how pure the air you breathe is.

Make Sure the Bag is Inserted Properly

If the bag isn’t properly inserted, the debris doesn’t enter the bag as it should but instead goes inside the vacuum cleaner. This can break the cleaner, as the parts won’t be able to work as effectively as it could. And once this happens, it is practically impossible to remove all of the dirt out of the device.



Final Thoughts

Maintaining your vacuum cleaner in good working order is simple and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Schedule regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaner can add years to its life. Repairing a broken vacuum cleaner can be costly, but taking the time to clean and maintain it well can be relatively quick and painless when you follow the tips above.