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How to Know the Right Dog Cage to Buy


It is natural for dogs to search for a den which they find it safe to sleep or as a place to get away from any impending harm. Providing a cage will let your pet dog feel secure. At first, your dog may not feel at ease with the new cage, but when it gets used to it, the cage can be a haven to seek shelter when your fur baby feels the need for comfort and security.

Here are the characteristics of a dog cage that you should look for when buying one for your fur baby.


 The size of the dog cage is crucial when buying one. You should measure your dog so you will be able to choose a cage that will give enough space for your dog to move. A larger dog cage is best when you train your pup. You should also consider the area where you are going to place the cage so it will fit in.

Type of Material

Each type of material used in the fabrication of dog cages comes with its pros and cons. Wire cages are the most popular because of their lower prices, although other pet owners prefer cages made from heavy-duty, fabric, or plastic. The type of material used also determines the weight, stability, and durability of the cage.

Easy Handling

Sometimes you may want to be close to your fur baby, and sometimes you may wish some space or you want them to have a bit of sunshine. If you do not have a permanent designated area to place the dog cage, you should procure a cage that is easy to handle. Some dog cages are collapsible, lightweight, and some come with handles.

Convenience of Cleaning

A cage should be clean all the time to ensure the well-being of your pup. It helps if you choose a dog cage that is easy to clean. Look for features that enhance cleaning of every part of the cage like a detachable floor.

dog cageAir Travel Compliance

If you are a regular traveler and your dog is your usual companion, be sure that you procure a cage that will comply with IATA guidelines, or else you will have problems boarding your dog into the plane. Airlines are especially very strict on this, and you may have no other option but to leave your dog at home.…

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