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The Effects That Marijuana Has on People

Marijuana Being Smoked

Marijuana or more commonly referred to as “weed” can be addictive. Many people who had tried it ends up getting hooked on it. Countries like Uruguay and Canada are the first and second countries to fully legalize the drug, thus birthing cannabis into a business. It is not an uncommon sight to see promotional ads like ‘buy weed canada’ when you are crossing the road.

While it is legal to both own and uses Marijuana, there are still negative stereotypes addressed to the plant such as it will exacerbate laziness and unproductiveness, it can cause negative emotions to spiral like depression, anxiety, being in a state of panic, and fear, it will rot your brain, and so on. These are not just baseless assumptions as there have been cases before, but they depend on the users themselves.

Research has shown that people react differently to Marijuana, just like fish or durian; some like it, some don’t. Regardless, it does serve as a viable treatment for medical problems such as chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. Thus, promoting its legalization for recreational and medical utilization. Here are several effects that Marijuana has on the mind and body:

  •     A Feeling of Getting ‘High’

Due to the chemical ingredient called THC, a part of our brain called the substantia nigra is stimulated, causing it to release waves of dopamine that give you a sense of pleasure or getting ‘high’ in a sense. This hormone is closely associated with eating good food and achieving orgasm from sexual intercourse.

  •     It Can ‘Heighten’ Your Senses

Skateboarder Smoking Marijuana

Depending on the users, Marijuana can be their ally or foe. Some users claim that by using the drug, they can sharpen their senses and focus more, thus increasing productivity. Some argue that the drug distorted their senses, causing them to vomit and lose focus.

  •     It Can Numb Pain and Other Sensation


Medical Marijuana has been found as an effective treatment for chronic pain. A study found that it could alleviate people with joint and muscle pain up to a staggering 50% efficacy. However, there are some cases where users felt numbness in their nether region, though this may vary from person to person.

  •     It Will Make You Have ‘The Munchies’

A Woman Eating Eagerly

After using the drug, users have described a feeling of intense hunger that caused them to eat voraciously. However, this may also vary from person to person, as some users had reported that they don’t feel like eating anything after getting ‘high’. Perhaps the latter statement is true. Avid Marijuana users are usually skinny and underweight.

Regardless of the reason you’re using the drug, always remember to be responsible and have a sense of inhibition. It is supposed to be used recreationally; building a habit out of it could be very costly in both senses of the word.…

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