Considerations When Buying a Cat Tree


If you own a cat, there is a significant chance that you know how important it is to invest in a cat tree. In case you do not have an idea what is a cat tree, it is a simple piece of furniture that is specially made for cats. Think about this piece of furniture as a playground for your cat. Not to mention that buying a cat tree is a smart move since it will lessen the chances of your cat playing with your own furniture.

Since there are tons of cat trees available on the market today, there is a big chance of buying the wrong cat tree. Which is why it is imperative to consider some factors before making a decision. On that note, below are some of the things to take into account when in search of a cat tree.



You could always buy a cat tree regardless of your budget. This is because these pieces of furniture can range from $50 up to $500. Hence, you can always find one depending on your budget preference. Apparently, those products with higher price tags have a lot of features to offer. Expensive products are likely to be more durable too compared to their counterparts since they are likely made of premium quality. Therefore, it is best to purchase those expensive cat trees if budget is not an issue. On the other hand, it is perfectly fine to opt for cat trees with pocket-friendly prices if the budget is really tight. If you want value for money, experts recommend that you look for cat trees that are around $250.


If you hate the idea of spending some time to assemble the cat tree, then you can always purchase a pre-assembled product.  Bear in mind though that you will have limited choices if you decide to buy a pre-assembled product. Hence, it is better to buy a cat tree that would need assembly. Do not worry though because the assembly is not difficult. All you need is basic tools like a hammer.


Of course, you need to buy a cat tree that is made of high-quality materials. If you want the best materials for your cat tree, then look for products that are made of solid wood. Bear in mind though that these types of products are expensive. You might want to consider buying a cat tree that is made of plywood if you are looking for a more affordable product. Those that are made of pressed wood are always worth the consideration too.



It will be to your advantage if you look for online reviews first before making a buying decision. This is particularly true if this is your first time buying a cat tree. This is because the feedbacks left by other customers will help you come up with a better decision in terms of choosing which product to buy. Of course, you must avoid products with a lot of negative reviews. You can also ask your friends who also own a cat for recommendations.


Your decision will basically depend on how big your cat is. Of course, you need to buy a cat tree that can accommodate your cat. Keep in mind as well that the available space in your house must be taken into account too.