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How to Know the Right Dog Cage to Buy


It is natural for dogs to search for a den which they find it safe to sleep or as a place to get away from any impending harm. Providing a cage will let your pet dog feel secure. At first, your dog may not feel at ease with the new cage, but when it gets used to it, the cage can be a haven to seek shelter when your fur baby feels the need for comfort and security.

Here are the characteristics of a dog cage that you should look for when buying one for your fur baby.


 The size of the dog cage is crucial when buying one. You should measure your dog so you will be able to choose a cage that will give enough space for your dog to move. A larger dog cage is best when you train your pup. You should also consider the area where you are going to place the cage so it will fit in.

Type of Material

Each type of material used in the fabrication of dog cages comes with its pros and cons. Wire cages are the most popular because of their lower prices, although other pet owners prefer cages made from heavy-duty, fabric, or plastic. The type of material used also determines the weight, stability, and durability of the cage.

Easy Handling

Sometimes you may want to be close to your fur baby, and sometimes you may wish some space or you want them to have a bit of sunshine. If you do not have a permanent designated area to place the dog cage, you should procure a cage that is easy to handle. Some dog cages are collapsible, lightweight, and some come with handles.

Convenience of Cleaning

A cage should be clean all the time to ensure the well-being of your pup. It helps if you choose a dog cage that is easy to clean. Look for features that enhance cleaning of every part of the cage like a detachable floor.

dog cageAir Travel Compliance

If you are a regular traveler and your dog is your usual companion, be sure that you procure a cage that will comply with IATA guidelines, or else you will have problems boarding your dog into the plane. Airlines are especially very strict on this, and you may have no other option but to leave your dog at home.…

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Must-have Puppy Products

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Finding the right products for your dog can be a blast. That is because there are many of them to choose from. If you take a walk through a pet boutique, department store, or big box retailer, you will see a lot of premium treats and food, toys of every size and shape, and even plush beds. IconicPup provides detailed reviews for puppy products.

Collar and Leash

dog wearing a collarYour dog will need a leash and collar the day you get it home. A collar holds up the dog’s license and identification that lists your name and phone number. Also, the collar attaches to the leash that you will need to walk your pup. For the dog’s first few collars, you should choose an adjustable nylon type. The collar ought to fit snugly so that it will not slip off. However, it should not be too tight.

Crates and Containment

Crates and containment are important devices that help keep your puppy in a confined area where you can housetrain and monitor her. Ideally, you need a dog crate, carrier, playpen, gate, and an exercise pen when you bring your puppy home.

You can find hard-sided crates and travel carriers that are made of a wide range of materials that include fiberglass, plastic, and stainless steel. Although the stainless steel crates last a lifetime, the fiberglass and lightweight varieties offer a measure of security and safety for the dog while flying or driving. Also, they replicate a warm, cozy den.

Dog Bed

When you get your puppy home, she will need a comfy bed. As you housetrain her, you will make her sleep in her kennel or crate. Bumper beds and smaller beds that are covered in sheepskin or fleece are designed for this given purpose. They help keep your dog cozy and warm while she dozes away.

After housetraining your dog, you can get different pillows, cushions, memory-foam mattresses, and dog-sized coaches. Ensure they match the décor of your home. If environmental stability is quite important to you, you should get beds that are stuffed with recycled materials, soda bottles, and repurposed cotton.

Grooming Supplies

dog bedEven though your puppy is still young, you will need to groom her. For instance, her coat needs routine washing, brushing, and washing. Also, you will need to get the toenails trimmed, teeth brushed, and ears cleaned. Some of the grooming supplies you need include a blow dryer, comb, conditioning spray, cotton balls, bristle brush, and nail clippers.…

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Pet Care: How to Take Proper Care of Your Dog

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Different people have their reasons why they keep pets in their homes. There are those who do it as a hobby, others to prey on some home pests while some keep them for company. One type of pet you can have in your home is a dog. Dogs provide the best company to humans. They are a bit intelligent compared to other animals, and you can train them on some things. The playful nature of dogs is another reason most people love keeping them.

Dogs love running and playing around. You can even go with them for your morning jogs. You need to take proper care of this pet to ensure it lives longer to offer the company you need. Limiting your dog’s movements is something you should do to reduce the chances of getting lost or knocked out by a car when playing out there.

You can install a regular fence which may not offerdog exercise the kind of service you need. There are advanced methods like using underground wireless dog fences which uses static control to ensure your dog stays within your compound. There are different pet care practices you should observe to ensure it is in an ideal state of health all the time. They include:

Regular Treatment

You should subject your dog to regular treatments or medical checkups to ensure it is in good shape always. Hiring a veterinarian is the way to go because these are experts who deal with the treatment of animals. They will check up on your dog and also advice on the right steps to take to ensure that it is in good health always.

Proper Feeding

Dogs also need a healthy diet like humans. You should feed them with the right meals with all the nutrients essential for their growth. There are different dog feeds you will find out there that contain all the vital nutrients. Do not forget to give them water which is also essential for their skin


Regular exercises are also necessary for the generalpet checkup well-being of your canine. It helps improve their joint movements and also reduce excess weight. You can play fetch exercises that will keep your dog running all the time. Morning jogs with your pet will also ensure it is in the right shape all the time.…

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