Char Char Bar & Grill is Wollongong’s premium destination which combines Australia’s finest produce with our art of hospitality. From our flame grilled steaks to our house favourite rack of ribs we welcome you to share our passion for exquisite cuisine and amazing service.

The cornerstone of our menu is our exclusive BULU basting, the legend of this secret recipe dates back to ancient tribes. We strive to create an esteemed and dynamic dining experience, with an equal dedication to our unique Australian surroundings and references to our African heritage.

Char Char has a rustic and industrial decor that truly compliments an ambient dining experience; centrally located under WIN Stadium on Harbour St makes the destination ideal for an enjoyable meal and a few drinks on any occasion.

Char Char is fully licensed with a hand selected wine range along with an impressive cocktail menu.

What’s our secret? It’s our secret Bulu basting. Grandma Gen makes the Bulu basting fresh from her own home each week. Only she knows the recipe.

It’s the key to our delicious ribs, burgers and more. Taste it for yourself!

Our legend takes us back to the Ancient Bulu tribe, found deep within the heart of South Africa. Amongst them lived a mischievous girl, the chief’s daughter, Anu was her name. So mischievous that she would once a month, under a full moon transform herself into the ‘Godin’ where she would set out and wreak havoc throughout the tribe, stirring up the cattle and making a real nuisance of her surroundings.

Months passed by and like clockwork the full moon Godin would make an appearance. So much mischief was had that the tribe demanded an end to Anu’s antics, even her father, the Chief was unable to put an end to the madness. The tribe had no choice but to have Anu exiled to live out the rest of her days entombed in the underground caves of Bulu. Many moons went by; the tribe was at peace, but for every one that passed Anu’s longing for her tribe grew stronger. She forever thought of ways to convince the tribe to forgive her.

Anu spent her time wandering the caves; they were infamous for the wild growing of colourful exotic ingredients found only within. Over time Anu had perfected a recipe like no other, it was a basting, so amazing she would feast on it with every meal. One lonely night it came to her, just like Anu the tribe were very passionate about their food, she would use her basting and trade it for her release. Anu knew it would satisfy even the fussiest of warriors as it was unlike anything they had ever tasted before.

Anu rose from the underground caves to try to prove her worthiness. She presented the basting created from the secret ingredients. A grand feast was had, her father and the warriors were amazed, it was the best food they had ever experienced, and Anu was pardoned, able to return back to the tribe

Every full moon the tribe would celebrate the uprising of Anu and her precious basting by song, dance and festivities. The tribe travelled the earth, trading the Bulu Baste with other tribes, united to celebrate the joys of Anu’s secret.